What to try

Recipes for foods to eat with miracle fruit.

What to try

Postby Riley » February 13th, 2007, 11:10 pm

Let's brainstorm some sour foods to try with miracle fruit.  The three things I've seen most often in articles about miracle fruit are lemons, limes and grapefruit.  There has to be other things that would be good though.  Here's some things I came up with.  I haven't tried any of these yet though, so if you try any, let us know how they taste with miracle fruit.

Citric acid:

  • Oranges/Orange juice


  • Salt and vinegar potato chips
  • Pickles
  • Salad dressings
  • Vinaigrettes
  • Chutneys
  • Marinades
  • Mustard
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise


  • Black coffee
  • Espresso


  • Cocoa powder

I'm interested to see if any sour taste is turned sweet or if its only citric acid that is turned sweet.  My guess would be any sour, acidic food should be turned sweet.  I cocoa powder is bitter though, not sour.  It would be interesting to see if the taste of bitter foods are changed at all.
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Re: What to try

Postby Vigilante » February 22nd, 2007, 7:25 pm

Most of the abovementioned foods I do not have in my house, but the ones I do, I will let you know about as I try them. I think I have cocoa and coffee and vinegar, so they will be the first ones I report on.
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Re: What to try

Postby Vigilante » March 3rd, 2007, 4:41 am

I have tried the following foods after eating miracle fruit:

1. One teaspoon of instant coffee dissolved in one cup of water
2. One teaspoon of cocoa dissolved in one cup of water
3. Straight cider vinegar


There was no perceived change in taste for the coffee nor the cocoa. The vinegar tasted somewhat sweeter, but was still awful.
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Re: What to try

Postby Vigilante » March 3rd, 2007, 5:19 am

The following sour fruits taste wonderful after eating miracle fruit:

Image Green Guava

Image Starfruit (Carambola)

Image Pomelo

Image Star Gooseberry (Mayom)

Image Granny Smith Apple
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Re: What to try

Postby wherewillyousendme » April 1st, 2007, 2:06 pm

Last post was good, but if you do get to try miracle fruit you've got to get your hands on more than just fruit.. try cheeses, pickles, sourdough bread, etc.. here is the list of what I tried and what worked:  http://recueilli.blogspot.com/2007/03/m ... fruit.html
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Re: What to try

Postby voiv » April 7th, 2007, 9:11 am

What not to try!

Don't open a nice bottle of wine!

I always serve the fruit at the end of the dinner party so the evening's food and drink can be enjoyed. 

My plant has easily 60 fruit on it's way!  If you live in S. FL  they're easy to grow.
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Re: What to try

Postby penrose » July 18th, 2007, 10:07 pm

This topic already is rich with information about what is good with miracle fruit, but there are still other things I would like to know if anyone has tried. The first of my miracle fruit seeds just sprouted, so I will not be able to try them myself for a couple of years.

Extra dark chocolates labeled as having 60% to 70% cocoa. Is there any taste difference?

Green salad olives. Has anyone tried them? The pickling/brine they are in is pretty sour.

Sauerkraut. Since it is so salty it might end up tasting good or bad.

Horseradish. Wherewillyousendme's link above says ginger doesn't change much and is still overpowering. Is horseradish the same?

Going back to fruits:

Kumquats. I know I am going to try them when I can.

Unsweetened cranberry juice(or raw cranberries). They would probably change in flavor.

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Re: What to try

Postby penrose » September 8th, 2007, 6:12 pm

I have seen some people write about beer becoming almost overwhelmingly sweet with Miracle Fruit. Since I like many styles of beer, I wonder how different the effect is with the different types.

For example, many lambics are high in sugar, but still very sweet. These I could see as becoming sweeter than candy. But a gueuze is extremely sour since it doesn't have the sugar or fruit flavor. That would probably just become pleasantly sweet.

The effect on most other styles of beer would be more unpredictable, especially for the ones with stronger flavors such as porters, stouts and India pale ales.

Has anyone compared different styles of beer with Miracle Fruit?

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Re: What to try

Postby mirberry » May 4th, 2008, 4:41 am

I am looking for MF recipes... Any ideas?

First try this one:

Miracle Fruit Apple strudel:
Puff (phyllo) pastry
Apples (can be as sour as they get), Cinnamon, Fresh Orange juice (squeezed).
Peal and cut apples, lay them on rolled out puff pastry, put some cinnamon on top, pour with orange juice and roll it up. Put it in an oven for about 30 min (till it's done:). Don't use any sugar!
Before serving pour some more orange juice on the top; this depends on how sweet you would like it to be – the orange juice works as a strong sweetener. Take one (even half would do just fine!) miracle fruit tablet (powder, fresh fruit...) and enjoy in a very sweet apple strudel without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

My favourites:
-kiwi and pineapple


Miracle Fruit Tablets on Sale HERE
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Re: What to try

Postby B-D_ » May 4th, 2008, 10:11 pm

The testing below was made using a tablet, not the raw form.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Mira ... ablets.jpg (picture by me)

I bought the stuff from the mirberry because we live in the same town. Anyway... to the testing:

I tested a beer mixed with juice (the only variety of beer that is palatable even without miraculin). It tasted like a lot (almost too much) of sugar was mixed in with it... felt like I was drinking the sugary water used to dip cake in to make the baked dough moist with added subtones of the beer. I drank the first one so fast I couldn't believe... it was so good. To be short: excelent!

Official description:
Bandidos Ice is a pale beer with a refreshing Caipirinha flavored drink added (Caipirinha is a brazilian cocktail, made by mixing cachaca (a brazillian liquor) and lime juice in crushed ice).

I guess it would also save the bitter crap called "plain beer" and make it actually taste almost palatable but I didn't try it (yet).

I also tried some red wine, the extra crappy sour variety. Didn't help it much, still tasted like crap but was actually 1/3 enjoyable (which is quite good in comparison with unpalatable sourness before). I have to try it next time with my favourite wine, one of the rare few that taste good, sweet muscat. Will report if this one got even better. I'll also try champagne one time in the future.

Pineapple tastes almost like honey, mandatory try!

Orange juice (50% mix which has sugar added, forgot to check) tastes almost too sweet.

Orange is simply sugar in slices.

Grapefruit still tastes disgusting but now much less. If you add just a few drops of artificial sweetener it gets palatable. Before you almost had to marinate it in sweetener to make it consumable.

Sour apples are a miracle of it's own kind: it's an apple that tastes good (not sour) and is actually crispy (not like some soft crap) at same time.

Ketchup tastes like marmalade.

Tomato concentrate is even sweeter than ketchup.

Plain yogurt tastes like a good fruit yogurt. No additives needed, phenomenal for a diet.

Kefir is almost as good as yogurt, but I would choose yogurt over it anytime.

Cottage cheese is a miracle. Tastes just like cake filling. If you mix it with pineapple or similar fruit it will taste like a very good fruit cake. Phenomenal, must try.

Olives lose the bite of the sourness which makes them taste less good.

Pickled vegetable salad (mixed vegetables with vinegar in a pickle jar) is the really miracle one. If you don't look (and smell) at what you are eating it tastes almost like compote with practically zero calories penalty (3kcal per 100g).

I noticed that the miraculin loses it's potency sooner if you use it with a drink than if you use it with food. I guess it's potency goes away as fast as much you are "washing" your mouth. The second beer half hour later was a lot less sweet. But maybe I also got more used to the taste.
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Re: What to try

Postby steveooo » July 15th, 2008, 4:29 pm

There is another list of foods to try here miracle berry foods.

Aparently salt and vinegar crisps taste like chinese sweet and sour
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Re: What to try

Postby sheimend » August 22nd, 2008, 2:49 pm

I just tried out a sampling of foods and the results were suprising.  Overall, I did not enjoy any of the vinegar-based foods.  Although I could taste a difference, the sharp acidity was not reduced and overall the sensation was unpleasant.  Here are my complete results:

Kalamata Olives - tasted sweeter, but didn't taste good
Green olives stuffed with blue cheese - The cheese tasted sweet, but the olive ruined it
Balsamic onions - sweet, but the balsamic flavor was too sharp
Pickled asparagus - no, just no
Straight balsamic vinegar - just tasted sweeter, but not more rounded.  Still very sharp and acidic
Artichoke hearts (in a jar) - decent, but not great

Popular items:
Lime - wow, so sweet.  this was my proof that the berries work
Green Apple - very sweet, pronounced effect
Goats Cheese - tasted like cream cheese

Then I raided my kitchen for things to try:
Peanut Butter - no effect
Nutella - still sweet, no noticible difference
Ginger - I love ginger, but not + miracle fruit
Parmesan cheese - no effect

I was hoping that the vinegar category would really shine, but in fact, it was pretty gross.  I think the strong odor of the vinegar foods played a big part in their bad taste.  However, even when I pinched my nose, the foods still didn't have a good taste.  Different, yes, but improved? No.
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Re: What to try

Postby andy83 » September 2nd, 2008, 10:25 pm

After all of the time spent on taking care of the plants I finally got to try my first miracle berry. We tried just about everything that we could find in the house at the time and really enjoyed the experience. The effect lasted about an hour.

It was really fun to try some of the sweet things because you could taste the flavors better without the sugar being in the way. Anything to do with citric acid had a really strong effect. Anything with vinegar had a rather strong effect as well.

Spicy Dill Pickles: These amazingly tasted just like the sweet pickles.
Lemon Juice Extract: We used the common kind that comes in the plastic lemon. Tasted really sweet and I just kept squirting the stuff in my mouth. This had more substance to the sweetness kind of like liquid sugar candy.
White vinegar: Tasted pretty sweet as well but not as sweet as the lemon stuff. More like sugar water sweet if you could imagine that.
Ketchup: Oddly sweet.
Honey: This was really interesting because it blocked something(sweetness I guess) and you could taste some of the flavors even better.
Maple Syrup: Same as above.
Sugar Free Maple Syrup: I think it enhanced the taste somewhat....made it stronger in a sweet way.
Key Lime: extra sweet
Red Apple: Didn't seem to do as much maybe made it more sweet.
Cream Cheese: This was sweeter than normal.
Diet Sunkist: This seemed sweeter than normal but it could have entirely been from all of the other stuff that was flowing through my mouth at the time.
Diet Hi C Fruit Punch: Tasted exactly the same.
Milk 2% Did something to the flavor but couldn't quite tell what it was. The berries were wearing off a bit at this point.
Various Spices from the Kitchen: Powdered jalapeno tasted sweeter. Most of the stuff tasted about the same but some things it did something to mask part of the flavor. Clove was a bit subdued at first.
Franks Hot Sauce: Any of the vinegar based sauces really tasted sweeter.
Fruit Juice Popcycle: Tasted like they had a lot more sugar.
Orange Wedge: Tasted like it had been dipped in sugar.
Orange Juice: This was a bit too sweet.
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Re: What to try

Postby Arjibuh » September 7th, 2008, 7:38 pm

Im thinking this product combined with the miracle fruit would be pretty cool, and very attractive to kids.

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